There’s a wide range of home maintenance jobs that we can do for our customers, mostly ones that don’t require much technical skill but that aren’t physically possible for our clients. These services can be done individually or rolled into a scheduled pick-up or larger service.

  1. Changing Light Bulbs/ Air Filters – As well as other small needs, like replacing batteries in smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. We’ll do basically any small home maintenance tasks that seniors or the disabled may not be able to do in their current state unless they require technical skills.
  2. Pharmacy Delivery – You order the prescription, and we’ll pick it up!
  3. Small Maintenance Projects – Maintenance on handicap features and small problems that could greatly affect the day-to-day activities of seniors and the disabled. Anything from repairing door strips to fixing shower door hinges.
  4. Garage Stair Modification – Modifying the entry point from a garage by using small ramps and grab bars in order to access the doorway safely.

With problems big or small, we want to make sure our clients live a smooth life day-to-day. If there’s anything you think we might be able to help with, then don’t hesitate to ask! We are happy to help customers in the Gwinnett, North Fulton, North DeKalb, Forsythe, and Hall counties.