Unfortunately, there comes a time in many people’s lives where medical problems are constant, driving is impossible, and loved ones simply can’t provide transport to every place they need to be. In some areas, this could mean the person struggling to take care of themselves inside their home until someone moves them into a nursing home. Luckily, in Gwinnett, North Fulton, North DeKalb, Forsythe, and Hall county, non-emergency medical transportation services are available that can help keep you safe and mobile throughout your golden years.

At Wheelcare GA, we help keep seniors in the Gwinnett county area and beyond, with ride service from trained personnel that are well equipped to handle customers of any age or disability. Our non-emergency medical services are for those in the area who aren’t able to drive themselves and who might need a little extra care and assistance to get to their destination in a safe and comfortable manner. Almost all of our drivers are former firefighters, servicemen, or EMTs, so you know that you or your loved one are being watched by those with the highest care capabilities.

Senior ride service that cares WheelCare GANon-Medical Transportation Services For Seniors

When it comes to living independently, there’s so much more that goes into living a happy, healthy life than just making sure you get to the doctor’s office on time. While that may be one of the main tasks handled by non-emergency medical personnel in the transport of seniors, it is certainly not the only function of non-emergency transportation. At Wheelcare GA, we also help with everyday tasks that can take up much of your day if you are a senior or disabled.

Grocery Shopping and Pharmacy Pick-Up

Some of the basic necessities are much easier to get ahold of for someone who can drive somewhere whenever they need than for someone who can’t. For seniors, this often means fewer and fewer trips to the grocery store, with a lower quality of nutrition because it simply takes too much effort to plan a shopping trip, get there safely, and pick out a balanced assortment of foods. However, with Wheelcare GA’s grocery and pharmacy pick up services, you or your loved one can get the proper nutrition and medicine required for their senior care. Simply set the order and we’ll go and pick it up. If needed, we can even have one of our caring drivers or service people help you set your grocery or prescription order up online.

Maintenance and In-Home Modifications

One of the main things we do besides offering transportation and pick-up services for home-, chair-, or stretcher-bound seniors is home maintenance and modifications. Oftentimes, old age or a disability can sneak up on us. One day you could be moving fine and then the next, the doctor may tell you that you’re soon to be wheelchair-bound. No doubt, this would be a scary time for most people; however, how you choose to meet the new challenges in your life could have a direct impact on how well you overcome the new obstacles in your life. One key to this is literally removing some of the obstacles in your life.

If you or a loved one has recently had to start using a walker, wheelchair, or stretcher, or will have to soon, then now is the time to take care of modifying your home for the easiest, most fulfilling life possible. No matter your mobility needs, we can help modify your home to keep everything accessible. It can be as simple as installing grab bars or seats in the shower, or as complicated as lowering sinks and cabinets for easy access from a sitting position. Whatever adjustments you may need, our in-home modification services will help put your home in line with ADA guidelines and make it handicap accessible at a better value than you’d get with a private construction contractor.

Social Calls for Seniors

So much more goes into caring for a person than making sure they’re safe, warm, and fed. While providing the basics for those in need is admirable, we like to go a little above and beyond to help the seniors we care for live full and vibrant lives. That’s why we provide ride service for so much more than just doctor’s appointments! Whether you or your loved one wants to go to a family gathering, out to lunch, or to a seniors’ dance, we’ve got you covered for all social appointments. We all need love and connection, and our non-emergency medical transportation services are ready to help seniors connect!

Use Wheel Care GA for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in North Fulton and Beyond

Losing your independence just isn’t an option for some people, no matter what their age. If you or a loved one has moved into a time in your life where it’s harder to move around, but where you’re still full of energy and a zest for life, then don’t let that energy fade! Our non-emergency medical transportation services and in-home modifications can help give you the support you need to continue living life to its fullest! Call or contact us today for more information on all of our services for seniors and the disabled in Gwinnett, North Fulton, North DeKalb, Forsythe, and Hall county.