Non-Emergency medical transportation is an unfamiliar concept to many, as we have the luxury of going through our lives knowing that if a medical situation does arise then we’ll simply call an ambulance, drive ourselves, or have a loved one drive us to any appointments we might need to make. However, there may come a time in our lives where this is no longer the reality. Medical problems become more constant, our ability to drive begins to deteriorate, and there simply aren’t enough loved ones available to drive us wherever we want to go.

If you or a loved one are entering into this stage of life, then we’re happy to tell you that there is a solution to your transportation problems, even if you are bound to a stretcher, wheelchair, or walker. Non-emergency medical transportation is available in Gwinnett, North Fulton, North DeKalb, Forsythe, and Hall county. Our transportation services come with the accommodations necessary for people with mobility issues. We do the best we can to make sure that seniors and the disabled get to their destinations safely and on time, but most of all, we give them the tools to keep living happy, independent lives.

What to Expect With Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The main aspect to remember with non-emergency medical transportation is that it is not an alternative to an ambulance. While Wheelcare GA does carry drivers that are experienced in giving emergency medical care, this is not the main or intended function of a non-medical transportation unit. What non-emergency medical transportation has to offer seniors and the disabled is a much safer and competent mode of transportation than a traditional ride service. Plus, as most of them come with a history of public service, you know that you’re riding with drivers who care.

With a non-emergency medical transportation service, the vehicle should be well equipped to handle wheelchairs, stretchers, and walkers with ease. Those in wheelchairs and on stretchers will never have to worry about someone dropping them or letting them fall, because every non-emergency medical transport service should have vans and busses equipped with chair lifts or stretcher ramps. Those in walkers will have someone strong and caring to give them support as they make the transition from walker to chair.

Who Could Benefit From Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The list of people that could benefit from non-emergency medical transportation goes beyond seniors and the disabled, as anyone who’s been in a serious accident or had a major medical procedure in the recent past. The sad reality of these situations is that the world doesn’t stop moving just because someone is moving a little slower than they used to. If you or a loved one has recently gone through an event that has left you less mobile, but you still need to go places often for work or recovery, then an extended reservation or service from a non-emergency medical transport provider could be a simple way to solve your transportation problems during this time. Here are some of the different people we serve and the common situations we see them utilizing our transportation services for:

  • Seniors — Seniors are our number one customers, with a wide variety of needs and challenges that we help meet. From doctors visits to grocery and pharmacy pick-ups, we provide many services for home-bound seniors.
  • The Physically Disabled — For those with physical disabilities, most of the services we provide fall in line with those we provide to seniors. However, social calls are also very popular with some of our younger clients.
  • Those in Physical Therapy — Recovering from an injury can take commitment, one that you can’t fill out if you can’t make it to physical therapy. One common group of patients we see are those recovering from knee, hip, or foot surgery and who need transportation services during the rehab phase.

Book Your Non-Emergency Medical Transport Today

If you or a loved one has seen their mobility wane recently, then it may be time to consider using the services of Wheelcare GA for your transportation needs. We help seniors, the disabled, and anyone else handling mobility issues to keep up with their lives and remain the vibrant people they’ve always been. Call or contact us today for details on how we can help you with your particular transportation needs, in or around Gwinnett, North Fulton, North DeKalb, Forsythe, and Hall county.